Barista Hotelware

Glass & Porcelain for brand loyalty

Glass & Porcelain with Logo for Coffee Professionals.
Your coffee and tea label translated to Glass & Porcelain with your own logo.
This way your brand will always get the perfect attention!
Get to know the complete assortment of Barista-Hotelware.

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Barista-Hotelware inspires, surprises en ensures experience throughout the day; a cup of coffee in the morning, a glass of tea in the afternoon and an elaborate dinner to end your day. Barista-Hotelware has a choice for every taste, price and lifestyle. Glass & Porcelain with your logo is the centrepiece herein. Barista-Hotelware offers its own collection of coffee cups, from classical design to modern styled. Every line of cups is available is many sizes, from the small espresso until the very large jumbo cup. We gladly assist you in making a proper choice, so the Glass & Porcelain fits your brand the best possible way and expresses your own style in its most optimal form.

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Besides the many possible options in the Barista-Hotelware assortment, we also offer you the possibility to design, produce and decorate a complete new line of cups. Due to our good relations with multiple porcelain factories, we can offer you the possibility, in greater quantities, to create your own models. This lets you be unique in your own market! Ask us about the possibilities!

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