Barista HotelwareDecorating Porcelain

Decorating Porcelain


We decorate our outstanding porcelain via transfer decals. During the production process the ceramic ink (ground glass with colouring pigments) is printed on transfer sheets, one colour at a time.
After each colour the ink has to dry for about 4 hours before the next colour can be printed.
When all colours have been printed and dried they are sealed in with another layer of lacquer.

Manual labour for outstanding quality

When the sealing layer of lacquer has dried, the logos on the transfer sheet are cut loose from each other. By drenching the logos in water the back layer of paper will come loose. Now the transfer decal, which is essentially 2 lacquer layers with 1 or multiple ink layers in between, is ready to be placed on your item of choice.

The decal is hand-placed on for example, a coffee cup, so that it’s centered, in line with the handle and levelled. After placement it has to be smoothed out to remove excess water and remove any air bubbles from underneath.

After this is done the decorated cups with decals have to dry for about an hour before they can be fired in our kiln at about 850 degrees Celsius.

After your decorated porcelain is fired and has cooled down it is repackaged in its original factory boxes, stacked on a pallet, sealed and is then ready to be shipped to your address of choosing.

Barista HotelwareDecorating Porcelain