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Engraving Glassware

Your glassware can be engraved in 2 different ways; by etching or laser engraving.
Below your will read how each method works.


Etching is done by using the chemicals Hydrogen Fluoride or Ammonium Fluoride.

These chemicals are placed on the glass in the shape of your logo via a mold. When all the glasses have been decorated with a chemical they are immersed in an acid. The Fluoride will chemically react with the acid and will leave a sort of “burn” on the glass in the shape of your logo.

This is an authentic engraving method where each glass is individually handled. Due to strict government regulations concerning these chemicals, this method is seldom used.


Laser engraving glassware is the modern method for engraved glass ware. It’s mostly used for tempered glassware, such as tea glasses, or for very small quantities of other glass ware.

The laser beam “burns” away the top layer of a glass in the shape of your logo, literally removing a small portion of the glass itself. This process ensures that your logo will last forever.

Government regulations state that tea glasses are required to be made of tempered glass.
For this reason we cannot decorate them with our regular production technique;
when a tempered glass passes through an oven, required to apply a ceramic transfer, it loses its tempered feature.
By laser engraving glassware the tempered feature stays intact.

Barista HotelwareEngraving Glassware